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S9116 2" Cotton tassel 2" Cotton tassel S9116-S 2 3/4"Sepcial thread tassel 2 3/4"Sepcial thread tassel S9117 2" Rayon Tassel 2" Rayon Tassel S9118 Nacklace Nacklace S9119 Necklace Necklace

S9120 55" Cotton cord with Silicone tip 55" Cotton cord with Silicone tip S9121 Nacklace Nacklace S9122 18" Foxtail nacklace 18" Foxtail nacklace S9122-L 22 1/2“ Foxtail nacklace 22 1/2“ Foxtail nacklace S9123 Cotton tassel w/ shell Cotton tassel w/ shell

S9124 Poly tassel Poly tassel S9125 Pom Pom Tassel Pom Pom Tassel S9126 3“ Suede cord tassel 3“ Suede cord tassel S=-AMPLE S=SAMPLE

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